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CHaRM Accepted Items

CHaRM stands for Collection of Hard to Recycle Materials. These pop-up events help residents repurpose and recycle materials that would otherwise be landfilled. Below is a list of accepted materials as well as the schedule + location of upcoming events.


All containers and packaging must be clean and dry. Packaging or containers with leftover product, food, or water cannot be accepted.


#1 Plastic Containers

Accepted: clear plastic containers with the #1 recycling symbol (i.e. clamshells, berry & salad containers, etc.). Must be rinsed and clean.


Carpet Padding

Accepted: carpet padding only - no carpet, rugs, or other related items.


Cell Phones + Chargers

Accepted: flip phones, smartphones - we'll take them all in working or non-working condition.


Ink + Toner Cartridges

Accepted: any model or size ink or toner cartridges.


Tires + Tubes

Accepted: all types of automotive and recreational tires in any condition. Limit of four (4) per person/car.

Fee: $3.00 / tire ($6.00 / tire ON rim)



Accepted: apply clear tape to the terminals on all lithium, lead acid, batteries over 9 volts, and batteries with a cracked plastic casing.

Fee: $3.00 / pound

Suggest Material

Need help recycling something that is not listed above? - Please let us know!

Thanks for submitting!

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